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We have heard incredible prophetic dreams, most recently about the changes in the US Supreme Court. I doubt that God only spoke that to one intercessor in Boxford, Massachusetts. What else did He say? When? How? How should the Church respond?

Jeff O'Dell,

Founder and Visionary of Eyes2C

We are really excited about the team of dream interpreters that have come together to see this project realized. They come to us with a lot of training and education. Not only will they be interpreting for the individual, but they will also be reviewing dreams to interpret on a national and world-wide scale.

Amy Coello,

Master Dream Interpreter of Eyes2C

I imagine the ability to predict the collapse of major businesses, the onset of riots and maybe things such as viral outbreaks with the predictive nature of trend observation.  Such information would help insulate communities from major catastrophes, and give the individual the peace of mind that they are not alone...

Logan Smith,

Architect of Eyes2C

I had a dream that referenced Romans 23 the other night. I knew there wasn't a chapter 23 in Romans, and I couldn't remember all of the chapters that went to 23. I typed "Romans 23" into the Symbol Search and was excited to see all of the 23rd verses found in the book of Romans. I could then click on the verse and see the 3 verses leading up to the 23rd verse, and the 3 verses following it.
Not only am I able to look for a color, I can look for the different types of colors. I wanted to know the difference between a "Dark" color and a "Vivid" color, I was shocked when I saw that I was only scratching the surface. Type the word "Color" into the search and you will see what I mean!
I kept having dreams with dragons in them. I was surprised that I not only found the meaning of the symbol "Dragon", but I also got to see different instances that "Dragon" shows up in the Bible. Did you know that different translations of the Bible use different words? The KJV version had more instances than the other versions.
I was looking for "Pig" in the symbol search the other day and came accross the word "Babirusa". I had never heard of it before, and wondered if there was more information on it. I clicked on the symbol and was able to see the meaning as well as being able to click on the "Show Wikipedia" button to get a truly full meaning of the word.
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