About Eyes2C

How is Eyes2C funded?

The start-up costs have been paid through a charitable foundation. They are passionate to hear what our Creator is saying to us collectively. The technology is largely funded by a generous donation from the Salesforce Foundation, Google, and others. The on-going costs will be funded by service fees and individual donations.

How many participants are you expecting?

We have 500 people register for the pilot in April but expect over 50,000 a year later. The system is designed to host literally millions of users worldwide.

Is this for a particular religion or faith?

Dreams, visions, and spiritual encounters are universal—even for those who do not consider themselves to be spiritual. We have Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and those who do not have a religious affiliation using the website.

How many dreams are you able to interpret?

We have 33 certified and master dream interpreters on board led by Amy Coello. We can interpret 500 per day but our end of year goal is 1,000 per day.

How will you analyze our dreams and visions? What do you think you’ll find?

We’re convinced that many people are having profound dreams and visions. Most do not have a “voice” or platform. We believe that God is speaking common themes to many people. We have already received predictive dreams concerning Orlando, changes to the SCOTUS, Boston Marathon bombing, and many concerning 9/11.

Jeff O'Dell

Jeff is the founder and visionary of Eyes2c. He has served as a chief architect and chief technology officer at several Fortune 100 financial services and consulting firms. He has 30 years of experience in business where he leads advanced data analytics.

Amy Coello

Amy is a rock star entrepreneur, teacher, and master dream interpreter. She leads the marketing and business development and oversees the certified dream interpreters. She has over 15 years of business start-up experience and has interpreted over 10,000 dreams.

Logan Smith

Logan is our local wunderkind and super geek. He is developing the system using SalesForce and is creating the data science and analytics to discover patterns and predictions within our dreams and visions.

Aaron Evans

Aaron is an advisor, public speaker, mentor, PowerRound coach, and church leader. He serves on the Board of Directors and leads the “House of the Watchful and the Wise” which discerns dreams and visions from a spiritual perspective.

Paul Guidry

Paul David is the resident “cool guy” leading the media development for Eyes2c. He is a church leader and accomplished song writer and musician. He also serves on the Board of Directors.

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