How it all began…

I’m part of a community that is both intellectually and spiritually curious. We like to discuss social and moral ideas but also ponder big questions such as the existence of divine intelligence and our ability to somehow connect with this realm.

After 9/11, a number of people told me that they had dreams or felt premonitions about the event. The dreams were typically metaphorical–no one specifically dreamt that planes would fly into the World Trade Center that Tuesday morning. But it seemed that each person had a piece of a “puzzle” and we didn’t have a process or mechanism to collaborate and see the big picture. Since then, we have seen similar patterns with tornadoes in Dallas, changes in the SCOTUS, and other phenomena.

If this is possible, what are the implications? What if we were able to connect with individuals and groups outside of our tiny community? That is why we’re launching Eyes2c. We believe there is a collective wisdom out there that can’t be discovered with blogs and google. We are combining a proven method of dream interpretation with big data analysis used in business as a tool to help connect the dots from thousands of contributors.

Join us!

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