June 28th Press Release

Berlin, MA, June 28, 2016 – Eyes2C Inc. is expanding its innovative on-line journal to provide dream interpretation by a worldwide community of master dream interpreters. They will employ a method of dream interpretation that is based on Biblical patterns but is relevant to people of all faiths and traditions. Co-founder Amy Coello states, “This approach has a big impact because the interpretation can illuminate your circumstances and provide meaning and direction for your life. It is not uncommon for dreamers to burst into tears because they have renewed hope and purpose for themselves and their family.”
Eyes2C has created a website and mobile application for people to journal their dreams and other spiritual experiences for their own benefit. While maintaining anonymity of the contributor, the system will aggregate this information and use sophisticated programs common in business and research known as big data. They will analyse this information as part of a social experiment to “connect the dots” to find patterns and even predictions of future trends and events.
Founder Jeff O’Dell states, “We have already observed individuals—common people who live everyday lives—having incredible dreams since the launch of the 500 user pilot. Some have shed light on the events in Orlando before they occurred, another foreshadowed significant changes to the Supreme Court on February 12th. Justice Antonin Scalia was found deceased the next morning.”
Coello continues, “We are seeing a response not just from the Evangelical and Christian communities, but also Hindus, Muslims, and non-religious people. Dreams are universal in that they bypass our belief system and traditions. They speak to our core about our destiny and purpose. We are amazed at the interest as we broaden our marketing. We are seeing over 300 responses a week, many of which are outside the US.” The company plan to surpass 50,000 registered users by the end of this year.
The system will be open to the public starting July 3rd. It is free to journal your dreams and spiritual experiences but there is a fee for dream interpretation. The system works on all modern browsers, tablets, and smartphones at https://www.eyes2c.org. The website is hosted on the Salesforce cloud and is highly secure to store private information.
About Eyes2C
Eyes2C Inc. is a non-profit start-up based in the Boston area. Their mission is to discover our collective wisdom by combining social collaboration, dream interpretation, and synthesis using advanced technology capable of processing thousands of contributions from people from diverse cultures, traditions, and faiths.

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