Uncharted Territory

When we introduced on-line dream journaling, interpretation, and symbol glossary in July 2016, we were among several active websites with this basic capability. Our vision was always to take it to the next level to discover our collective wisdom. In December of 2017, we introduced functionality that puts Eyes2C in unchartered territory. We have created the ability for a large community to discover patterns in our dreams by linking dreams as evidence to a theme. Over the last 10+ years, I have interpreted over 5,000 dreams and observed these patterns where individuals who didn’t know each other were having similar dreams that seemed like pieces to a puzzle. We’ve now compiled over 50,000 dreams in our database including those that have been imported from Facebook (thanks, Amy).

By using search, we can find references to key words that may contribute to our discovery. We also provide the ability to create Alerts where Eyes2C will Notify you when new dreams are entered that match your previous searches. These tools can enable YOU to be a data miner to discover our collective wisdom. Will you be the first to discover buried treasure in our dreams?

For more about the author:  Jeff O'Dell


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