What is Eyes2C?

Eyes2C Inc is a nonprofit startup which has developed the website eyes2c.org to enable many people to journal their dreams, visions, and spiritual experiences. We teach and train individuals in dream interpretation for their own benefit but also to assist others. We will use new technology to find patterns, trends, and even predictions using sophisticated data analysis techniques used in business and research.

How much does it cost?

It is free to sign-up and start your on-line journal. Over time, we will offer services for a modest fee such as master dream interpretation. We will offer a monthly subscription to a variety of services. Journaling will always be free.

What is your method of interpreting dreams?

It based on traditions from the Judeo-Christian bible used for thousands of years. We find it to be more holistic than purely secular approaches. The training for dream interpreters takes many weeks of classroom training followed by months/years of workshops and mentoring. Our master interpreters have interpreted 5,000+ dream and is certified by Amy Coello. Every dream is reviewed by a master interpreter. Eyes2C continues to sponsor classes and workshops which are open to the public.

How about other languages? Other cultures?

Although the system will be in English initially, it is designed with National Language Support which includes 30 languages. Our dream interpreters are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and Afrikaans.

Is my on-line journal private?

Your journal is private and confidential much like what you would say to your lawyer or priest. When we perform analysis on the data, it is anonymous. You can choose to share your spiritual experience on social media but it will not enable others to see other items in your Journal. Eyes2C.org is hosted on one of the most secure platforms available.

I’ve been keeping a journal in my notebook for some time. Should I type it into Eyes2C?

Absolutely! Even though these events occurred in the past, it adds to our database to help understand long term trends. It also creates a permanent record that you can easily organize and share. Some people even submit past dreams for master interpretation. If you have a smart phone, we encourage the use of speech-to-text such as Apple’s SIRI to accelerate the process.